My Books

Peripheral Visions: The Complete Ghost Stories (IFWG Australia Publishing, 2015)

A collection of all Robert Hood’s ghost stories published up to 2015, with introduction by Danel Olson, bibliography, notes, and specially-created images by Nick Stathopoulos. Winner of Australian Shadows Award for Best Collected Work, 2016.


Fragments of a Broken Land:
Valarl Undead

(Borgo/Wildside, 2013)

A high fantasy novel. 430 pages.
Winner of the 2014 Ditmar Award for Best Novel.




Creeping in Reptile Flesh (Altair Australia Books, 2008; revised edition 2011, Morrigan Books)

A collection of horror / dark fantasy stories. The 2011 revised edition includes an extra story, “Scrubbed”. Finalist in both the Aurealis and Ditmar Awards for Best Collection, 2008. The titular story was also a finalist in the Ditmar Award for Best Novella.




Immaterial: Ghost Stories (Mirrordanse Press, 2002)

A collection of ghost stories. The original story “Number 7” was given an Honourable Mention in the 2003 Aurealis Awards, Horror Short Story  category. Though the book is out-of-print, the stories are re-printed in Peripheral Visions.  – about the book