Other Writings

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New Stories and Articles (from 2018 on)


“Bad Weather”
in Outback Horrors Down Under
edited by Steve Dillon
(Things In the Well Publications, Sept. 2020)


“A Man, Totally Alone”
in The Mammoth Book of Halloween
edited by Stephen Jones
(Skyhorse Publications, Sept. 2018)

For more information, see here


“Introduction: When Monsters Rule the World”
in The Age of Monsters II: Reign of Monsters
edited by N.X. Sharps and Alana Joli Abbott
(Outland Publications, USA, November 2018)


“Time and Tide”
in Cthulhu Deep Down Under, Volume 2
edited by Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira, Bryce Stevens
(IFWG Publishing Australia, August 2018).
Introduction by Peter Rawlik. 214 pages.

More information on the story, Time and Tide,
and background to it can be found here

“Time and Tide” by Robert Hood returns us to a more overt Cthulhu Mythos tale, one that should be applauded by the author’s rather bold attempt to invoke the weird in a most unusual manner. We are told that the sense of smell is the most evocative of senses, but it is rarely used, and rarely used as effectively as Hood has here, to convey not only the preternatural, but a fundamental wrongness to the universe, an inversion of the natural order of things that has dire consequences to the residents of Mollymook.” – Peter Rawlik

“…slick, well-crafted, and decidedly weird” (Lee Murray, see full review)