Undead Backbrain

Undead Backbrain is a long-running, award-winning blog maintained (on and off) by author Robert Hood, and featuring articles, news flashes, interviews, film commentary and reviews – mainly featuring  monster movies, zombie flicks and other horror topics (plus weird media in general, actually). It also contains comprehensive, continually updated lists of zombie films, ghost films and books, Frankenstein variants, evil doll movies, superheroes on film and television, and other horror-genre topics.

At the moment, the blog is suffering from having been cyber-attacked a while back, and though the text of the articles was salvaged, a lot of the inserted images have been lost. Luckily, the much-viewed film lists are fine and kept up to date. It is quite safe for visitors to access.

Robert is likely to get back to posting new material sooner-or-later, though less often than in the past.

Visit it here: Undead Backbrain